Author: Anna Stark

Heading up WebInfoMart, Keshav Munjal Has Built a Reputation with Quality & Convenience in Digital Sphere

Providing application development & software solutions worldwide, WebInfoMart is a fast-growing company incepted in 2011 and is based in Haryana. WebInfoMart is formed out of the combined vision of a group of IT technicians and it is a global software solution and integration service provider business. It consists of a group of smart professionals, innovative thinkers that supports the businesses in managing the development and maneuverings for application and product development along with the required insights on future approaches. WebInfoMart has served 200+ clients globally with the best possible web and mobile app solutions. 

Moreover, it is a flourishing center for small, medium, and large scale companies having its footprint in India, UK, and the USA. The group of professionals at the company works for each trait related to the clients’ product vision. WebInfoMart purveys its services to the clients of diverse verticals like FinTech, Data Management, Ecommerce, Travel Industry, CRM Systems, Cloud Telephony, EdTech, and many others. Furthermore, the company deals mainly with SME/B2B/Enterprise Software/App development services. 

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Keshav Munjal is the Co-founder of WebInfoMart, and GoodFirms’ team received an opportunity to speak with him about the digital transformation process, its importance, and its expertise and global span. Starting with the interview, Keshav mentions that there are significant differences in other industries and their discrete manufacturing, and the solutions offered by WebInfoMart are attuned to the needs of these unique processes. WebInfoMart tends to look longer-term into the future, and the reason the experts do this is because their customers are generally operating on a long-term timeframe. When the team at the company builds a new facility or product, they are looking 10 – 20 years ahead in terms of how clients use production capability or wherewith they are selling their product. The expert team emulates this timeframe focus to support the clients on their long-term projects. 

Keshav tells the GoodFirms interviewer that as a co-founder of WebInfoMart, he is responsible for making decisions, heading marketing & sales teams, managing business processes, overseeing financial operations. He also makes sure that every team member working with the company is empowered with the right resources. Moreover, the co-founder of the company also shares the idea behind the inception that was to harness extraordinary technical talent in India to build better problem-solving software products with reduced costs on development & project management. “WebInfoMart is a technology leader with an unwavering involvement in customer success. But it’s also a business in growth mode, so the efforts in India are of strategic importance to the success of WebInfoMart globally,” Keshav notes.

Talking about the most flourishing services, Keshav mentions software development and IT services catered to the clients at national and international levels. WebInfoMart is a chief solution provider in customized business solutions, offering critical solutions for strategic business management through IT in today’s information-intensive and competitive markets demanding precision management. The outcomes, services, solutions, and reporting tools help enterprises adjust their people with corporate aims and tactics to rear their performance to the maximum. This aim is achieved through robust metrics and scorecards that assure organizational functioning in the connection of necessary fulfilling measures and areas. Thus, by providing the best IT services that meets the needs of the businesses, has dubbed WebInfoMart as one of the top IT services companies in India at GoodFirms.

Apart from the IT services, Keshav also describes the company’s software solutions and services that help the clients to increase their ROI without any hassle. WebInfoMart is a growing software development company catering to clients with robust software solutions. The group of developers at WebInfoMart makes sure to furnish the best possible solutions through which the business people can create the websites and apps of their own choice using the best technicalities. The company has some procedures for making the process simpler to deliver better performance. The team works closely with the customers to fulfill their needs and by outlining a thorough roadmap for making the websites and apps attractive and quirky. A self-organizing team at WebInfoMart involves itself in understanding and traversing the client’s necessities to expedite the production of a high-end product. The excellent services delivered by the skilled Laravel developers have led the firm to be one among the leading Laravel & Yii development companies at GoodFirms.

The below-displayed review and scorecard are confirming the best quality software catered by WebInfoMart.

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