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Differences Between Real Native And Flutter – React Native Vs Flutter


Creating an application for smartphones has become a fundamental base in the technology industry. But the applications need multiple platforms on which they are developed. This is also an issue these days. The application developers have to two teams one that works for Android and the other that works for IOS. There is also a huge difference between the applications made by the two teams. This problem gave rise to the ultimate creation of cross-platform mobile applications. The two most powerful competitors are Real Native and Flutter. It can be figured out that there is always a ‘React Native vs Flutter’ going about. Real Native was created by Facebook whereas Flutter was created by Google. These two help the cross-platform developers even faster just by using one single programming language. React Native is older than that of flutter. A react vs flutter comparison have been drawn based on ten criteria:

  • Programming Language
  • Technical Architecture
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Installation
  • UI Components and Development API
  • Developer Productivity
  • Testing Support
  • Community Support
  • Build & Release Automation Support
  • DevOps and CI/CD Support
Flutter vs React Native
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Comparison Between React Native And Flutter

Now that the criteria have been framed, let’s move on to elaborating the details between the flutter comparison with react-

Programming Language

  • React Native

React Native uses the programming language JavaScript to create cross-platform apps. It is a very famous language on the web. It is basically used to React. JavaScript provides users with versatile typed language and anything is possible with JavaScript. Web Developers can build applications with a little training now, all thanks to Real Native. This goes as React features and comparison.

  • Flutter

The programming language used by Flutter is Dart. This was introduced by Google and developers do not use it. It is far more easy to understand than Java. It supports the object-oriented idea. It is easy, to begin with, Dart as the full documentation is available online. This goes in as flutter features and comparison.

React Native vs Flutter
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Technical Architecture

  • React Native

The architecture of React depends on JavaScript runtime environment architecture. This is also known as JavaScript Bridge. The code of JS is combined with native code at runtime. The React uses Flux architecture. This is from Facebook. The React Native uses the JS bridge to cooperate with native modules.

  • Flutter

Flutter uses the Dart Framework. It has almost all the components integrated thus it is bigger. It also sometimes does not require the bridge that lets communication with the native modules. It is also known as Skia.

Setup and Configuration

  • React Native

The getting started guide that React Native has gets an assumption that the developer has all that is required to set up for the developing for iOS and Android. The documentation goes straight to the step of making a new project. Also, there is less info on the XCode command-line tools that is not sufficient to get along.

  • Flutter

The manual guide for Flutter has, on the other hand, detailed information on the IDE setup and platform setup for Android and iOS. It also has a CLI tool known as Flutter doctor which guides the developer during the setup. It has a separate page on the configuration.

React vs Flutter
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  • React Native

This can be installed by using the Node Package Manager (NPM). The Node Package Manager can install the packages both ways, locally and globally. During the installation React on MacOS, the system needs to have HomeBrew package manager.

  • Flutter

It can be installed just by downloading the binary for a particular platform from Github. To install in MacOS a file must be downloaded and should be added as a PATH variable. The installation method is complicated.

UI Components and Development API

  • React Native

The core of React only allows UI rendering and only device access APIs. In order to get access to native modules, it has to depend on third-parties. It is good to clear out that React Native relies on the third-parties.

  • Flutter

The framework of Flutter is bundled with UI rendering components, navigation, stateful management, device API access and a lot of libraries. It does not require using third-party libraries. Flutter is completely all in one. It also has various widgets for Material Design and Cupertino. These two easily allows the developers to render UI on both the platform.

Flutter vs React
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Developer Productivity

  • React Native

Nowadays most of the developers are fluent in JavaScript and thus it is very easy for them to use their JS skills for the cross-platform application development. React saves a whole amount of time of the developer by its reloads during the testing of the changes in UI. Developers are free to use any sort of text editor or IDE.

  • Flutter

Flutter also possesses a reload feature and it is completely easy, to begin within the first place. But Flutter is complex as the complexity increases the developers also need to gain the knowledge about Flutter concepts. Flutter does not allow free use of text editor or IDE.

Community Support

  • React Native

React was launched way before Flutter in 2015 and thus has gained a lot of popularity. A recent conference was held based on React Native, the React Native EU held in Poland.

  • Flutter

It came to the public eyes when Google presented it in the Google O/I conference held in 2017. The largest event held on Flutter is yet to take place and will happen in December, the name in of the event is Flutter Live.

React vs Flutter
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Testing Support

  • React Native

React Native has a JavaScript framework and there are only Framework some unit level testing frameworks. For snapshot testing, the developers can use snapshot testing. There some third-party tools such as Appium and Detox also used for testing.

  • Flutter

On the other hand, Flutter provides a huge range of testing features that test apps at the unit, integration level, and widget. The testing support of Flutter is extraordinary. It has a variety of feature.

Build and Release Automation Support

  • React Native

The official documentation of Real Native does not have any automated setup that will generate iOS apps to the App Store. But it does offer a manual process for the deployment of the app from Xcode.

  • Flutter

But Flutter possesses a strong command-line interface. A binary of the app created can be developed using these command-line tools. Moreover, Flutter has newly documented the deployment method with Fastlane.

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DevOps and CI/CD Support

  • React Native

The React does not possess any official documentation on the setting up of CI/CD. But there are some fields that describe CI/CD for React.

  • Flutter

Flutter does have a section on Continuous Integration and Testing which also includes external sources. The strong command line allows to easily set-up CI/CD.

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You can clearly have a concept which is better to React or Flutter. You can contact us for any React or Flutter related issue. There also some angular vs Flutter comparison available. We provide all kind of services related to React and Flutter. Just drop us a line at or call us at +91-8920374985, to know more details.

In India, the concept of going for contractual staffing, which is done via third party staffing companies are rising as each day passes. As the country is developing, so as the business and companies are too rising day by day. As they are rising, so they need more manpower for this all, and all these things have resorted to the idea of hiring the workers or outsourcing them. So, this gives rise to the rise of Contractual staffing in India as they provide the required amount of staffs to the companies who all want to get in work.

What Is This?

For contract staffing, it means that the employees are recruited on contract for the companies. To do this work conveniently and to provide the companies with required manpower, there are many Contractual staffing companies in India. They all help you in dealing with this kind of problems, and for these things, this becomes very much easy for big companies to get the required staffs on a contractual basis.

Contractual Staffing
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How Is The Contractual Worker Hired?

There are many companies who all required some extra manpower for a certain point of time. For this kind of work, you always need a trustworthy worker with a perfect skill for a particular job. If you are too in search, then you can give the task to Staffing companies in Gurgaon. When they hire any worker for your company, then here is the list of things that they first look at the time of hiring.

  • As a hiring company, they make sure that the background of the worker is clean as well as good for the job environment.
  • The next thing that they do is to check about the address and health conditions before sending the worker to your company.
  • The next one is the main thing. The worker that gets hired by them for you must have a skilled staff. This means that the worker must have got some of the best kind of skills for carrying the work for a company.

These are the top things that are checked when the workers are hired. If any of the conditions are not fulfilled, then the worker got rejected.

Contractual Staffing
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Why Are They In-Demand?

With the employment industry is getting ups and downs, and it is the most volatile industry. You can see that after the recession, the economic conditions and other factors are rising in India on a positive road. If you look at the recession period, then you can see that many employers have learned in a great manner. They help in refocus in the core business and ultimately realize that the smaller core workforce is said to be very much trained for this type of work and all. They are too said to be very much effective as well as nimble than the pre-recession staff.

If for this all reasons, you want some highly skilled contractual workers for your company around Noida area, then there you can find several Staffing companies in Noida. With the help of this company, you can get the best kind of skilled contractual workers for your company.

Contractual Staffing
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Current Conditions Of This Industry

If you look at this industry, then you can find that with this comes many types of benefits. Apart from that all, organizations are now getting back to the concept of temp hiring and then seeking the help of staffing companies by which they can fulfill the needs of the staffs.

As per the study was done for this industry, the report says that this thing has performed very well in recent years, and for the coming years, it will rise to a significant level. Among all the industry, IT companies are leading the race, and after that, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, and other industries are racing. With this increase, the Contractual resources in India are too rising in a great manner.

If you look at this industry, then in the whole world, India is ranked as the third-largest contract staffing workforce. The country houses as one of the biggest employers of the temporary workforce, which amounts to 15 million. As per the report, this trend will now increase further with near to 20 percent by the year 2020.

Image Source: Buchanan

When To Hire Contractual Resources For Your Company?

There are many industries who all don’t want that they get for the traditional employees who all can work for the business. In this company, you can even come up with some of the essential functions which come in the business. But to get the perfect kind of resources for the company is much difficult. If you are a Gurgaon based company or near to that area company, then you can take help for your company for getting the best kind of Contractual resources in Gurgaon.

For the contractual work, the company provides the options for this in which you can assess the job opportunity. By this, a company an easily assess the employee’s technical skills, cultural benefits as well as other soft skills too that exist within the organization and you can get some of the added expense on top of pay. There are sometimes, issues about the budget too and many of the companies work or hire as per the budget. During this time, you can always get help from resources. You can get the best kind of resources for your company by getting in contact with the contractual resources in Noida.

Contractual Staffing
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Other Things That You Get In This

Apart from this all, you too get a wide range of benefits from this industry. You get the best kind of experience while working for any company. You too can get some best salary packages under this program. These are some of the good benefits that you can get from this. If you are in search of getting a good resource company, you can find some of the high-end contractual resources in Bengaluru where you can enroll yourself for getting hired to any of the company.

How To Get In Touch For This?

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Apart from this all things, you get valid and good staffs that all have got a good idea about how to perform a particular work and at last can give you good results. But before hiring the contractual staffs, you must get through the Contractual Staffing Pricing. This is because when you get them, you need to pay the right amount.

Contractual Staffing
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With the rise in demand for contractual staffs on rising from top companies, this industry is getting popular across all country. Now all the companies realize the importance of contract as well as about the temporary staffing. But before getting to this all, you need to have proper regulations about this subject, and you need to finalize the things in a better manner. But, from this all, you can know that how important is the contractual workers in India are.

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How does contractual staffing in India works?
Differences between Ionic, Angular and React – Ionic vs Angular vs React

Mobile devices now play an important role in everyone’s life. The devices are now designed in such a manner that almost all types of things can be accessible with the help of this device. So, due to all this, mobile app development is now a trending topic everywhere. If you are trying to get your hands on this by going for the mobility and capitalizing on all kinds of mission-critical mobile apps which will help you to expand the business in a good way. When it comes to development, there are many frameworks which you can use to develop mobile apps. But the confusion arises among them is which is good enough for you and to clear it here it is explained between Ionic vs Angular vs React framework.

What is Angular Framework?

The angular framework is one of the popular JavaScript which is available for you by TypeScript. This framework is developed by Google and was got released in September 2016. This framework is described as the form of “Superheroic JavaScript MVC framework.” This version from Google is said to be a rewrite version of AngularJS which was got released in October 2010.

Image Source: Codementor

What is React Framework?

This is the next popular framework, which is developed as well as maintained by Facebook. This is Javascript library and was released on March 2013. This framework is described among the users as the “Javascript library for building user interfaces.” If you look at the popularity, then this framework is said to be used more concerning the Angular framework.

Angular vs React
Image Source: Hackernoon

What is Ionic Framework?

This framework is like an open-source platform which is used for hybrid app development. This framework is said to be using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. In this, all the apps are built with the basic focus on the feel, UI, and appearances. This too uses a very much combination of Apache Cordoba and Angular framework to develop the things in a better manner.

Angular vs React vs Ionic
Image Source: Wikipedia

With these three frameworks in the picture, you can see that these things are very helpful in a better manner for all the developers. But still, these three things have some differences when it comes to features and functions. To make it more easily understand which thing is good for you, here is the Angular React and Ionic comparison.

Ionic vs React
Image Source: Medium Corporation
Features React Native Ionic
Purpose Learn only once and write everywhere Write only once and run it everywhere
Language React and JavaScript HTML, CSS, Angular JS, TypeScript and JavaScript
Developers Facebook
Performance Gives a native look, and it is faster than others It is a bit slower than React JS as it uses WebView
Testing of Code You need a mobile or emulator to test You can test via any browser
Supported Platforms It is supported on iOS, Android and UWP It is supported on iOS, Android, PWA, and UWP
Companies Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb and UberEats JustWatch, Pacifica, Nationwide and many more

This is the complete description React vs. Ionic framework for you so that you can understand about this thing in a better manner.

Difference between Angular and Ionic

Ionic vs Angular
Image Source: A Medium Corporation

The next comparison is between this two. This is because the Angular is also a popular framework and are used by many companies to developed mobile applications. But to make sure which is good between the two, many developers get confused among them in a great manner. To make all the things very much easy for all of you, here are the things that you need to know before hoping for any of the one frameworks see the Angular React and Ionic comparison.

Features Ionic Angular JS
Purpose Open source and free framework compatible with mobile and desktop version It comes with a unique system of visual, motion and interaction design across devices.
Material design It helps in rapid prototyping It helps in UI components.
Languages JavaScript, CSS and HTML JavaScript only
Developers Google
Companies Edify, Dispatch, Sellsuki and many more Bannerman, Vizzbuzz, inFeedo and many more

These are the major comparison between React and Angular for you. By going through this, you can always get some great and outstanding views about which is better and which is good for you to use for mobile app development.

Why is Ionic getting popular?

If you look at these things, then you can find that this framework is getting very much popular among the developers. This is due to the main reasons that are mentioned below.

  • The very first thing about it is it is free, open-source software.
  • This is very much easy to learn, and it comes with built-in components.
  • This framework provides you with some best kind of components as well as some great community support.
  • This also comes with the rapid development testing cycle.
  • It comes with the clear as well as updated documentation.
  • The apps are compatible with Android, Windows, Desktop, PWA, Web, and iOS.
Why Ionic?
Image Source: Angular Minds

Why is Angular JS getting popular?

This is the third framework, which provides the developer with several features. As a result, this is getting high in-demand. The reasons are mentioned below.

  • It comes with a two-way data binding, which helps in decreasing the amount of boilerplate code, and it helps in keeping the model as well as view in agreement.
  • In this framework, you can work parallelly with designers and web developers.
  • You can change the things out here very easily, and this is done without any altering the real properties of the framework.
  • You can handle any type of size in here and with the best context and communication is also provided to you.
Angular vs Ionic
Image Source: Ionic

Why is React JS in-demand?

This is the next type of best framework for you all. This is in demand among the developers due to the following reasons.

  • This code reusability helps you to develop the apps for all kinds of platform.
  • React JS is very much compatible with platforms which include iOS, Android, and Windows as well.
  • It provides the developers with much-needed stability and a well-maintained platform which helps in developing large projects.
  • This helps in rapid development, which comes with an efficient code structure.
  • This too comes with the wide range of community as well as platform-independent code.
Image Source: Acade Mind

With all these things are in place, now, if you want to get a good idea about this framework and wants to start the work for your mobile applications, then you can now easily know which framework is good for you. And how you can do the things that you want to do in a better manner.

How to choose which is best?

Which one to choose?
Image Source:

If you look at these frameworks, then almost everyone will have different views on all of these things. So, you can never get a better idea by asking about which is best for you or your applications. But you can consider the things and functions mentioned above, and by that, you can get a complete idea about all the things.

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It is the nature of any business house to get the most talented workforce to work for them. However, due to the nature of the job or the duration, it is not always economically viable to employ the needed human resources taking them in regular payroll and providing all the benefits. Again some of the most talented personnel love to work on a contractual basis with a dedication to uplift the company goals or positioning the company and earn a lump sum amount against the services offered. In either case, the company needs to hire an employee on contract and pursue the short term or long term goals.

Employee on Contract
Image Source: Ochre

Finding The Right Contractual Employee

India is a vast country with the 2nd highest population of the world. The country is developing at a steady pace, and some of the best industry in the field of IT or marketing has its headquarters in India and is always in high demand for the services. Finding for contractual resources in India, it is best to keep a track on the LinkedIn, AngelList, Opportunity, Viadeo, and many more.

These sites and many more like these have members who are educated, intelligent and also dedicated in their job where they upload their profile with work experience giving an employer an opportunity for staff augmentation in India on a contractual basis.

How to Find That Right Temporary Employee and Make Them Stay
Image Source: VTech Solutions

Many time it happens that there is a demand for onsite resources for a fixed time at the client’s base, and it becomes difficult to dispense the office staff for the same. While searching at these professional job portals, one can find many eager job seeker looking for these types of jobs.

With the world depending on the computer programs and dealings becoming software-based the young generation is learning languages like Java, Python or sap, and there is a high demand for them by various industries particularly in software development and IT industry. One can hire Java contractual resource searching at job seekers site like Indeed and key in the desired inputs to get the best hands willing to work part-time on any platform.

If you are looking to find a contractual resource in India, then visiting the site mentioned can open up the avenues for the search. If you are looking for reacting contractual resource, it is best to specify the demand that the applicant should be an expert in Java. One can also put up the requirements that are needed and mentioning that the opportunity is contractual and not regular employment and increase the volume of the correct responses from the job seekers.

Hire employee on contract
Image Source: Volunteer Ireland

Many web portals like LinkedIn and others have talent acquisition pages where one can filter their requirements, for example, PHP contractual resource or python contractual resource willing to work on contract basis and find out the right candidate. Some of the filters that are housed inside the sites having the features like the Open Candidate function narrows down the search to bet the best results for users who are interested n contractual jobs.

It reduces the time for the search to hire contractual resource India job seekers and zeroing on the right candidate without approaching anyone matching the qualification which often regrets their inability to join as a contract employee. The back and forth communication is reduced, saving time, and ultimately getting the right candidate for the preferred work. Contractual employees are needed by any company when there is a sudden spurt in the business but are not for long duration and for particular job role for some time say months or years and timely appointing the best talent offering contractual recruitment is essential. Regular appointments in the company payroll are not desired as when the project is completed, the employee turns to be a burden with the company, and the services cannot be terminated abruptly.

Staff Augmentation
Image Source: Appening

The filters in the websites enable the recruiters to be in touch with the dropout applications which have not finished their application process in the company career site for any reason or other. The candidates often turn out to be a potential resource qualified enough to perform the job role assigned, who had for any purpose not completed their application in the company portal itself but active in searching for the contractual jobs in the professional websites mentioned as above.

Many employees look for secrecy while searching for new jobs and are hesitant to approach the companies directly through their career portal. With the professional job portals like above, having features like open candidature, it becomes easier for the recruiter to get information of contract job seekers and approach them with the offers maintaining a high level of secrecy.

Again one can also put insertions in these websites about any need for contractual workforce mentioning the job profile, the working hours, the locations, and the salary and can expect good responses from contractual jib seekers. They are not in any part less than regular job seekers with qualifications and experience, but they fathom this type of work.

Hire employee on contract
Image Source: Indiamart

It is the employees to have to step out first to hire the right brain on contractual basis tempting the candidates to the company websites for the application. The lifting of the brand through social media, the goodwill of the company and the reputation in the market plays a pivotal role in acquiring the brightest brains to work for them in a particular assignment on a contract. Many candidates also counter-offer their vision and their way of working demanding a certain amount without being in the direct payroll of the company, and the main focus is on the brand building and business expansion that will benefit the company in the long run. They pave the way for the company to stay afloat in the harsh market conditions and leave the company when the company is stable and can work on its own without any such contractual experts. The angular contractual resource can be hired in this manner that is not only the front line developer but are well aware of the project description and the duties and responsibilities. The professional websites are one of the best avenues for any company to hire them using the filters rather than searching for the needle in a stack of hay.

It is best to get in touch with the best job portal and get the services for hiring the best talent willing to work on contractual basis for all the company needs and fulfill the goals without absorbing them in the regular payroll.

Hire employee on contract
Image Source: Tri-Starr Group


The concept of employment and recruitment have changed considerably for quite a sometime, and both the employers as well as the job seekers have changed their way of approach while earning and getting involved in contractual jobs to fulfill the company goals and benefit from the lump sum payments working onsite or offsite. The best brains can only be hired by any company on a contractual basis visiting the best professional sites that maintain a high level of secrecy without breaching the mutual trust. The services offered by us are at par with any professional websites, and the standards that are maintained are best for suiting the industry as well as the job seekers. We work efficiently for bridging the gulf between the interested contractual candidates and the employers maintaining business ethics.

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How To Find And Hire An Employee On Contract?
Difference Between Angular, Angular Js And React

If you are exploring through full-stack development with your front end development prowess, then you will need the assistance of Angular JS, Angular or React. It is hard to decide to choose among them to develop custom software by utilizing the current and new frameworks, although, angular is quite familiar among all the front end developers. A developer needs to be flexible with the evolving trends in technology. One must adapt suitably with the current trends in technology but shouldn’t be in haste or lazy to adapt to the same. Before you get started on your custom project, you must carefully choose the most relevant technology by scrutinizing through its features, pros, and cons. Hence you must go through the difference between Angular vs. Angular JS vs. React to choose your favorite one.

Difference between Angular, Angular JS, and React
Image Source:

Fundamentals Of Web Development

FRAMEWORK- It encompasses standardized pre-written code that enhances the utility and helps in easier and faster development of certain functionalities. Your coding will be guided by the requirement of the architecture of the framework. You can’t code as you wish to.

LIBRARY- You can develop any software by using the functions and functionalities that are present in the library. You can explore through the collection in the library to design and construct at your will. The coder has the full liberty to choose among the functions from the library. It imposes more responsibility on the developer as it imparts more freedom.

Key Differences Between Angular Js Or Angular Or React

What Are The Differences Between Angular And React?
Image Source: Cuelogic

Latest Version

Angular JS version 1.7.7 was released on February 2019. React JS latest version of 16.8 was released on February 2019. Angular 8 was released in May 2019.


Angular and Angular JS was developed by Google while React JS was developed by the Facebook community.


Angular and Angular JS has fully featured MVC framework or MVVM framework (Model View Whatever) while React JS has open-source JS library. The directives, supported by Angular JS, help in creating reusable code. The dependency injection mechanism helps in testing the front end applications. React has more emphasis on V in the “MVC” framework. The MVC structure of Angular can be divided into three interconnected components that are easier to handle and manipulate. You can handle a complex project with a well-structured code that is provided by MVC architecture.

React vs. Angular vs Angular JS: The Complete Comparison
Image Source: Ruby Garage

Tool Chain

The toolchain provided by Angular and React JS is high while that for Angular JS is low.


TypeScript is used by Angular framework. JavaScript, along with HTML, is used by Angular JS. React JS recommends using JSX though it is a JavaScript library. JavaScript is a subset of TypeScript while JSX is JavaScript integrated with XML. You can learn between the superset and the subset to find the difference between angular vs. react.

Learning Curve

The learning curve is based on individual skill and expertise in using the given technologies. It has been observed that TypeScript is more challenging to learn as compared to JSX. Hence the learning curve of angular is more as compared to react. When JSX is augmented with Redux, then it becomes harder to grasp by beginners. Mastering over JavaScript for Angular JS is comparatively easier to accomplish.

Dom Usage

DOM stands for Data Object Model of a web application. You can choose between regular and virtual DOM. Virtual DOM is a simplified version of the regular DOM where you can change any element easily. Angular is a complete framework while React is a JavaScript library. React is concerned with one direction data flow where it updates the virtual DOM while Angular is related to two-direction data flow where it updates regular DOM. In Angular JS, the view manipulates the DOM to update data easily. The DOM manipulation is obtained as the task of the directives.

React vs. Angular vs Angular JS:
Image Source: Site Point

Data Binding

Both Angular JS and Angular facilitates two-way data binding while React allows only one-way data binding. Two-way data binding means any change in the model will affect the view and vice versa while in one-way data-binding means any change to the model will affect the view but not vice versa. The two-way data binding offers DOM to frame data. It has a negative impact on performance. Singular behavior is imparted to your application due to one-way data binding. It assists in reducing the complexity of the code. It also facilitates easy and quick debugging. The features of angular vs. react are typically contrasting.

Backward Compatibility

Angular 2 and the entire advanced version are integrated with backward compatibility. The earlier versions of Angular 2 like angular JS are not backward compatible. React 16 is backward compatible along with all its previous versions. It also supports asynchronous rendering. Hence you can assess the angular or react comparison.

Developer’s Perspective

Angular and Angular JS is convenient to set up and get started, but they take a long time to deliver projects because they have a steeper learning curve. The coding time is increased due to unnecessary syntax. On the contrary, React JS takes longer set up time, but it takes minimal time to deliver projects. You can use functions and functionalities from the JavaScript library to code flexible. You can develop both plans and apps quickly. You can add various features to your project by exploring through its library.

Community Support

Both Angular JS and Angular offers excellent community support to all the versions of React. You can compare the raw figures associated with the number of open source contributions and tutorials of Angular versions and React versions to compare their community support.

React vs. Angular vs Angular JS. Battle for the Front-End
Image Source: Railsware

Directives And Templates

The directives on Angular JS help to manipulate DOM. Every developer can customize a new directive. The standard directives of Angular are unique. Ng-model in Angular JS assists you in creating two-way data binding while ng-bind helps you to develop one-way data binding. Angular have only ng-model to create data binding. There are no divisions in templates and directives in React JS. Whenever an event occurs, React reinterprets all the User Interface and templates every time. You can compare the contrasting difference between Angular 8 vs. React.

React Js Vs Angular Js

React vs. Angular vs Angular JS:
Image Source: Railsware

In a nutshell, it is evident that both React JS and Angular JS have great and powerful documentation with excellent community support, but both operate on a different philosophy. The features mentioned above state the apparent difference of React JS vs. Angular JS.

Which Is Better Angular Or React?

React vs. Angular vs Angular JS:
Image Source: Academind

React is well suited for limited logic and computation of fewer applications. You can build any application suiting to any custom requirement. React is ideally suited to develop dynamic applications due to virtual DOM support. It can swiftly react to any changes made by the user. Angular, on the other hand, is well suited to develop cross-platform mobile apps. It will take various limitation factors into consideration. React is also useful to create single-page apps that contain the updated content of the page. You can develop enterprise software using Angular’s MVC framework. React is ideally helpful to create native mobile apps, whereas Angular can be used to create both progressive web applications and native mobile applications. Angular is mostly preferred when you have an extensive application that necessitates a strict code structure.

If you need any assistance related to the above three given technologies, then :

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If you are a business owner, then you will understand the importance of having a well-equipped Customer Relationship Management platform or CRM software. However, as with any other software, when it comes to CRM software provider, you have quite a few options, and it can be hard to know which are the best CRM software in India

CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the software that is designed to improve the relations with the customers and for the growth of the organization.
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If you are on the quest to find the best customer relationship management software, then you have come to the right place it is not possible for you to test out all of the CRM software’s available in the market, and hence we have done the job for you. We have listed all of the best, as well as the worst of the top 5 CRMs in India and have offered you a comprehensive of knowledge of all of them. With this list, you will be able to make an informed decision about which software you want to use for your business operations:

Top 5 CRM Software Tools | CRM Software Solution 2018
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1. Oracle CRM

When it comes to customer relationship management software, nothing can beat Oracle. Oracle On-demand is perhaps the best CRM in India, has a comprehensive user interface, with great analytics abilities. In India, it does not face much of a competition. When you have this CRM software, you will not need to purchase any additional apps or packages, as it provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your data.

Pricing: The pricing for this software begins at $75 a month and can extend up to $110 a month


  • It is sufficient for all of your CRM needs; n additional expenditure in buying special packages for your business.
  • It has a rich user-interface and is user-friendly
  • No other software can beat the functionality of this CRM software

Cons: It is expensive

2. Zoho CRM

If you were to ask someone to recommend a customer relationship management software to you, Zoho CRM would be a popular pick. This software started early and has been a go-to for many businesses ever since. It also offers CRM integration with Exotel, along with CRM integration with Myoperator at no additional cost, which is a useful feature for many. It is packed with features and integrates third-party systems seamlessly. The interface is intuitive, making your job much easier with this app; you will be able to complete all of your operations smoothly.

Pricing: It starts at $12 a month and can extend up to $100 a month. However, the free version, although a little limited in use, performs the job adequately.


  • It provides you with helpful features such as building reports
  • The user-interface is quite intuitive
  • It is able to integrate third-party systems such as Google, seamlessly
  • In the free version, you can include up to 10 users.
  • It is quite affordable


  • The workflow automation features are limited only to the professional version which can make things tough
Customer Relationship Management: What you need to know.
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3. Freshsales CRM

This CRM software has been designed and aimed primarily for smaller business owners. As a small business owner, you have limited capacity in terms of capital. With this customer relationship management software, you get a platform which is equipped with beneficial features and is quite affordable. If you are a small business owner who is on the lookout for CRM software which is functional yet affordable, then this software is worth looking into

Pricing: The pricing for this software begins at $12 a month which extends up to $75 a month; hence it is not tough to see that this app keeps in mind that most small business owners are going to be using their services. Additionally, it offers a 30-day free trial, wherein you will not even need to share your credit card information, this app is truly designed for those who are just starting.


  • It is able to integrate different integrations seamlessly
  • You will be offered a lot of freedom on how the software functions and looks; there are customization options galore.
  • It is affordable
  • It also has a 30-day free trial version which can be helpful


  • Although it offers several integrations, the third-party integration such as CRM integration with Knowlarity is not up to par
  • You are unable to set a reminder for a few customer actions

4. Insightly CRM

If you are a small business owner, then you will want to check this customer relationship management software. Not only is it equipped with all of the features a small business owner could wish for, but this platform also integrates a few additional tools which are unique, and quite beneficial. It offers you project management features as well as a data-gathering option which are not so common in CRM software.

Pricing: This software service starts at $29 a month, which while not being the cheapest option available, is not as expensive as some others on the list; hence, it is a mid-level price point


  • It offers you the ability to design different templates as well as track emails
  • The workflow management feature is expanded in mobile apps as well
  • It also provides you the ability to create web forms to harvest new leads for your business


  • Several beneficial features are limited only to the professional or Enterprise plans
  • It does not have the function of automatically forwarding emails
  • Leads, as well as contact information, are split into two different tabs which can be cumbersome
Understand your customers better with CRM Softwares
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5. Base CRM

CRM development has come a long way, and this software proves that. For small business owners, this CRM works wonders. It is easy to use, which is especially useful if you are a small business owner and do not need to be slowed down by additional features which have no use to your business. Although aimed at the smaller business owners, it does not mean that this service lacks features; in fact, it has equipped itself with some advanced features which you are sure to love.

Pricing: the plans for this customer relationship management service starts from $20 a month and it can extend up to $145 a month. However, this service also offers a 14-day trial which will allow you to test out some of the features before you make any commitment to the service.


  • It offers users a 14-day trial to be able to test out several features and then determine whether it is the right choice for them.
  • It offers free online training sessions to ensure that their users are aware of all of the features which their service offers, how to use these features effectively and to use to the best of their abilities
  • The mobile apps for this service include all of the features of the standard version


  • The ability to customize its operation is a little limited
  • The highest tier of this app is quite expensive, and there is a significant hike from the lowest tier
  • Some of the useful features are limited to the upper-level tiers only
Best CRM Softwares and their benefits
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CRM software is challenging to understand. The process of installation, as well as integrating it with other third-party apps is no easy task. Some CRMs may be easier to work with than others, but there is so much more than you can learn about them. If you need assistance in installation, integrating or to learn more about how CRM can benefit your business be sure to contact us or visit our page and you will be able to receive the answers that you need.

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CRM Software’s In India: Which One Is The Best For You?
Top 10 Payment Gateways In India

A payment gateway is extremely important in today’s world that is filled with new technologies and works that cannot be overlooked. A payment gateway helps to enable monetary transactions through the transfer of information between a portal of payment (for example, a website, interactive voice response service, or mobile phone) and the acquiring bank or the front end processor. Several people today make use of only the best payment gateways in India to ensure maximum safety and smooth transaction of money from one end to the other.

The Best Payment Gateways In India

If you are looking for a payment gateway for your new startup business or a small business that you already run or a brand that you work for, then it must definitely be quite difficult to find the most suitable payment gateway for the company’s e-commerce store. To help you know more about the payment gateway integration companies in India, we are listing down below (given in random order) the top 10 payment gateways from which you can find the one most suitable for the type of work that you or your company does.

 Learn about Payment Gateway which works best to collect payments online. List of payment gateway providers in India.
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PayTM Payment Gateway

Paytm was released in India not very long ago but has been able to gain prominence and emerged as one of the best payment gateway integration help for your e-commerce store. For all small merchants in the field, Paytm is one of the easiest payment gateways in India. The prices for Domestic Debit or Credit cards on Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, RuPay is 1.99% and for international such as Amex, EzeClick, JCB and Diners is also the same (1.99%).

Cashfree Payment Gateway

This falls in the top 10 list of payment gateways in India. Cashfree is probably the only Bulk payouts and Payment gateway found in India. It also provides the merchant with the widest range of payment options, including cards (Visa, Maestro, Master, Amex, Rupay) over 70 Net-banking options, PayTm, and about 6 mobile wallets such as MobiWick, Freecharge, Airtel, etc. It also supports the use of NEFT, UPI, PAYPAL, and IMPS.

  • Cashfree payment gateway’s prices are just 1.75% per transaction which is the lower TDR charges in India. For International Credit Cards, this rate increases to 3.5% per transaction with no extra charges.

EBS Payment Gateway

Another one of the best payment gateways to be found in India, EBS or E-Billing Solutions Payment Gateway is India’s first merchant account provider to have achieved the PCI DSS 3.0 standards of compliance. It has also been certified by the security and by the process adherence, which is followed by the ISO 27001- 2013 standard. This is one of the most secure gateways in India.

The transaction fees that the charge every time is variable which depends upon the package the merchant selects.

PayPal Payment Gateway

PayPal is a global gateway that is available in more than 200 countries around the world. Millions of people around the world make use of PayPal as a trusted and worthy payment gateway for all their works, including personal and professional. Since this is an international gateway, if you are expecting orders and payments from an international customer, you will have to integrate PayPal on your e-commerce store.

The prices for PayPal for Transaction services is at 4.4% added with a US$0.30 and the currency conversion charges.

RazorPay Payment Gateway

RazorPay is one of the newest and most exciting payment gateways to be found in India. It is one of the easiest ways that a merchant in the field can find that enables him or her to accept, process and disburse the digital payments for his or her business India. All you have to do is signup on their website and your business will get simplified in no time. The Razorpay integration support now allows the user to accept payments in the form of 100 different currencies of the world using Domestic and International credit and debit cards, EMI, net banking through more than 50 banks, UPI and 8 mobile wallets.

The charges for RazorPay via the Indian credit and Debit cards net banking, UPI and other wallets is 2% per transaction and for the international cards, it is 3% per transaction.

PayU Payment Gateway

PayU Payment Gateway is an ideal payment gateway for those who are service providers, online store owner, any startup businessperson or from a growing market place. PayU payment gateway can be used by businesses of all sizes across the Indian subcontinent with minimal effort through mobile apps and online payments. PayU tries to provide the maximum security to your transaction portals to allow your personal information to be safe from the world. Make use of the pay payment gateway integration help and with easy integration with your website, make and accept payments for your business with ease.

The price of PayU is quite reasonable at 2% per transaction without any extra charges whatsoever.

CCAvenue Payment Gateway

As one of the largest payment gateways in India, CCAvenue supports a wide range of payment options, more than 200 to be approximate. CCAvenue also includes the use of 6 credit cards such as JCB, Amex, Diners Club, Mastercard, Visa, and EZeClick. It also accepts 27 major currencies, which enables you to serve global customers. The Ccavenue integration support will allow you to easily enable the payment with your e-commerce store hasslefree!

BillDesk Payment Gateway- one of the finest payment gateways in India, BillDesk is quite an easy way to concentrate all your different payments in one space. Store all your bills electronically in ways that are efficient and easy. The Billdesk integration support comes to your service completely free of cost, without giving you a run for your money.

Here’s everything you need to know before you pick a payment gateway for your business.
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InstaMojo Payment Gateway

InstaMojo Payment Gateway- Instamojo Payment Gateway is one of the most used gateways in India and is It allows merchants who are new in the field to create and develop a merchant account immediately which they can use to collect different online payments easily, no matter if they have a website or not. The prices of InstaMojo are quite reasonable so that the newbies can easily afford and handle the gateway without taking any loan from anybody. Their prices are-

  • Zero Annual maintenance Charge.
  • Transaction Fee charged is Flat at the rate of 2%, along with Rs 3 per transaction

BillDesk Payment Gateway

One of the finest payment gateways in India, BillDesk is quite an easy way to concentrate all your different payments in one space. Store all your bills electronically in ways that are efficient and easy. The Billdesk integration support comes to your service completely free of cost, without giving you a run for your money.

DirectPay Payment Gateway

It is one of the fastest and most comfortable to use gateways in India. The charges given by them are- zero Annual maintenance charge and variable transaction fee apply. The transaction fees for all types are at flat 2%.

Using a dropshipping provider you can start online store without maintaining your own inventory or warehouse.
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Choose Only The Best Payment Gateways

You can now develop FinTech applications because it is comprised of new applications, processes, business models and products in the financial services. The industry is composed of one or more different financial services that are complementary and are provided as an end-to-end process via the Internet. Make use of the fin-tech product development company works because they are responsible for the various innovations in different parts of the financial service sector. All the payment gateways are a part of these innovations to make the work of finance and monetary works much easier and understandable for all. Make money transfer and business easier using these gateways today!

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Could communications be data communications and internet-based, wherein telecommunications wherein storage and switching is hosted by a third party outside the organization using them, who are accessed over the public internet? Could telephony largely mean, moving your PBX out of your office to the cloud? It uses PBX for call distributions; it is hosted in some data center. Could Telephony can be used for incoming as well as outgoing calls, but in India is basically used for Incoming calls. Premium features such as the call recording and IVR are easily available to everyone, without any form of investments in costly equipment, all the incoming calls are routed through cloud servers.

In other words, Cloud telephony is a communication technology wherein all the communications services and devices are hosted at the service provider’s premises. If you have a business that is interested in using these services, you don’t need to install any software or buy any hardware to get your services started. These services can be call recording, IVR, center set up, etc. These services can be started on a mobile, traditional phone or a computer system that is a laptop, tablet, and desktop.

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How Does It Work?

The entire business phone system gets migrated to cloud communications. It works with two networks. First is PSTN- A lot of countries do not allow the mixing of IP and PSTN calls like Middle East countries and India. These countries use a PSTN based cloud telephony solution.

IP- The services of cloud telephony are delivered via the internet. Most western countries have internet linked calling or VoIP enabled in providing the services for cloud telephony. 

How cloud telephony works?
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Here, Are The Best Cloud Telephony Companies In India

My Operator

This is an IVR telephony menu system that allows segmentation and Reuniting callers to the most apt agents within your team. When the customers call you on your business numbers, you can provide them with a more personalized experience, by recording customized welcome greetings. This allows you to prioritize calls based on caller’s value when there is a high volume of calls, so you don’t lose esteemed customers to call waiting. Its key features include 24×7 turnaround, professional voice, superior service, personalized experience, right connection, and Brand call. 

Sarv Deep Call

Sarv is creating solutions like SMS, Missed Call, Voice, IVR, Call Center, and Audio Conference and making them more effective for businesses. Sarv knows that every business of different sizes has different needs. To fulfill those needs, Sarv created flexible business plans so all businesses can afford the best in class customer service solutions.

Deep Call is the collection of all the services that make cloud telephony complete. Services that fall in this are:

  • Call Center
  • Click To Call
  • Voice
  • IVR
  • AutoDialer/Predictive Dialer
  • SMS
  • Audio Conference

With inbound/ outbound IVR, Sarv is providing services like voice broadcasting, missed calls, voice OTP, and advanced call control.

Sarv’s call center solution is ready to cut down your business cost and improve the customer experience quality. You can also integrate these services with your CRM to increase the productivity of your support team.

Knowlarity Smart IVR

This operates and continues to do so from the world’s most reliable cloud computing platform. It has inbuilt a mechanism for failover, backup, and auto-scaling, verbosity and fails over. The smart IVR will never fail or take a vacation. You can get this and invest in this on a reasonable price, Per month, for 2 users, you can get SmartIVR at the cost of 900 INR. For one month, 4 users, you can get it for 1650 INR, for one month, 6 users, you can get it for 3350. Some of the key- features of Knowlarity are, IVR and Dial groups, CRM integration, multiple access line, Text to speech, single access number and so on.

Best Cloud Telephony Providers
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This is a business system that offers features such as the Smart IVR for your business. Using this you can set up an efficient routing, recording, and management system in 5 minutes of cloud telephony device. You can get exotel for different pricing, for one month, 6 users you can get it for 999, per year, you can get it for 19,999, which is 6 months and 12 months validity respectively. Both of which are unlimited channels. The key features of Exotel include Multi-user login, call routing, customizable welcome greeting, API integration, Call logs, Mobile app, Internal Call transfer and so on.


This provides multiple advantages and features. It is the most powerful easy to use, It is a VoIP based virtual system, that takes your sales engagement and business productivity to the next level.  Using this you can improve your customer support by analyzing each call through call recordings, you can find customer acquisition cost, analyze your employee productivity, wherein you can filter the number of calls made by a particular call rep and then analyze your employee’s efficiency. Design your sales script, by analyzing call recordings, etc. Train your new employees, you can get this for reasonable pricing, $ 35 per user, platinum is the best offer. 

Image Source: Kaleyra

M cube

Mcube is a state of art center solution on a cloud to improve your customer experience and sales productivity. This service makes it easier and affordable for your business to manage inbound voice calls automatically. You can get this for reasonable pricing and register with your company. Key features of Mcube includes SMS, Multiple extensions, API integration, Caller ID, Call routing, customizable welcome greeting, Voicemails, CMR integration, conferencing, voice and data integration and many more. Everyone uses Mcube, agencies, enterprises, personal, SMEs, other platforms such as Web app, windows, etc 

Comparisons between different cloud telephony providers 

Knowlarity vs Exotel vs My Operator 

First is Knowlarity Vs exotel, It has most of the same features, except the pricing differs as, for exotel you can get it for, 6 months 9999 INR, and knowlarity, 900 INR for a month for 2 users. 

Second is Knowlarity vs My Operator

It differs with features, as you get more features in my operator, such as analytical reports, call center management, call disposal able notes, call control, etc.

The Third is Exotel vs My Operator

Even in these, it is almost same as the features of Knowlarity, but pricing differs as the pricing for Myoperator is 1500 INR per month and the Exotel is 900 INR per month with 2 users. 

Benefits Of CRM And Cloud Telephony Integration 

There are many benefits of Cloud telephony integration with CRM. The main focus or the benefit is people get a lot of flexibility in their work. You can have an option to work from home as call center personnel can operate remotely, with call center CRM and cloud telephony. Integration of CRM and cloud telephony allows higher employee productivity and more speed. With strengthening CTI abilities and more CRM development companies in India, Communication can be formed accompanied by a great recording system. It has many benefits such as Minimum human interaction, tracking information from other sources, cross- Use analytics, scope of customization, wherein call monitoring and call recording, agents and managers can make a data-driven decisions based on comprehensive information, improved data analysis, wherein series of data-related functions can be executed with high efficiency and the business leaders will have high insights for better decision making.

Benefits Of Cloud Telephony
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Benefits Of Cloud Telephony Solutions

There are many benefits of cloud telephony solutions, such as small business, It is now easy to set up a small business of a call center, with fully-fledged small call center by paying a monthly subscription, with zero investment in any hardware or software. It can be started in a traditional mobile phone or landline

Enterprise– With integration with CRM, the solution can be easily integrated and ticketing solution.

Distributed Call Center– business can now easily set up at multiple call centers locations with could call center solution and managing all locations from a centralized location. 

It Is Easy To Upgrade- The cloud solution it is easy to upgrade and up-gradation of software or hardware is taken care or managed by the service provider 

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Top 6 Best Cloud Telephony Companies In India
Top 5 Best Project Management Tools In India

Project management tools help the project managers and the team to fulfill the requirements of the client and also help to manage time, scope constraints and the budget. It is hard to choose the ideal tools required for your project as so many options are available in the market. It is necessary to choose the perfect tools for your project for a great result. There are some best project management tools in India that help you create a great project.

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Important Features To Look Out For While Choosing The Tools

Third-Party Integration – The tools should have 3rd party API integration. An application of PM can be integrated well with the other third-party application. This is one of the main concentration of many companies.

Jira – Many servers available in the market has Jira Integration. It gives benefits like – To see the related commits pull requests and branches. Can create Git ranches from the Jira software itself. The transition operates automatically. Jira service desk integration helps create a unique project.

Slack – There are many software available that provides Slack Integration. It has features likeCan send messages. It helps create an easy workflow. It helps to build bots. It can also set up internal tools. It even lets to publish the app.

Freshdesk – It is a customer support application. The Freshdesk integration helps connect with your customer. It has got features like – team inbox, SLA management, Custom ticket status, Agent collision detection, scenario automation, canned responses and much more.

Customization – A project management software that allows the customers to customize freely is much more in demand than the software that doesn’t let any customization. It is much more appealing to companies. Any kind of branding and customization is important within the software. Some companies do not need this feature whereas some rely on this feature.

Image Source: Planio

Reporting – This is an important feature and most of the software available in the market have this. The requirements of every company differ from one another. Many of them might want a tool that is more than merely a generic catch-all sort of report. Software that provides various kind of report can have an advantage of its own. Some software even offers a customizable report which can be of great help for some organization.

Scheduling – This is one feature of the Project Management software to schedule and re-schedule. It is a feature to create timelines, schedules for tasks, set the milestones, and determine the resource and the dependency. For some organization, it is an important feature. It may not be of much help for small companies.

Time Management – This feature can be of great help for some projects and are not required in some. A project managing software that can track the exact time of the resource of the projects, and at the same time have particular control over accepting the submitted timesheets is important to project teams that are of longer duration or the ones which have many resources.

Some Best Project Management Tools –

There some best project management applications are available in the Indian market. This application help to create a better project with their unique and helpful technologies. The project management tool for India is quite advanced now and can easily help a company create a great project. The company or organization should choose the project management tools and software as per their requirement. The requirement or the criteria for the project management software varies from company to company. Some best project management tools available in India are listed below –

  • Casual Project Management Tool – Casual is one of the best project management tool. It has amazing features. It offers you to organize the ideas and the task exactly the way you and your team wants. It is a completely new, surprising and yet efficient approach towards managing project, concepts, and tasks. This Project management tool is crafted keeping in mind the non-professional section of the corporate sector. It is for those who are not comfortable with the Gantt charts and other management things. The features that casual includes are – action item tracking, reporting, scheduling, third party integration, estimating, email integration, etc. The price range starts from as less as $7.
  • Asana Project Management Tool – It is known as one of the most famous project management tool available. It is a robust work management platform that provides you with excellent features. This tool allows you to set deadlines, priorities, share details and also assign your tasks. It also allows you a platform from where you can track your tasks and projects at every stage. To chalk out a concept about the project it helps you by creating a visual project plan. Some best features of Asana are – automatic updates to inbox or email, project sections and search views, real-time updates, Gantt charts, multiple workspaces, etc. The price of Asana is as low as $ 9.99.
best project management tools in india
Image Source: Apro Software
  • Trello Project Management Tool – Trello is one of the most famous Project Management tool. It is completely effective and is recommended by professionals. You can work with any team and this tool will help you stay organized at every moment. You can have the information at just one glance. The Trello tool has the details of comments, attachments, due dates. It helps you and your team to collaborate in the projects from the very start to the end. It has beautiful features such as Gantt charts, Jira service desk API integration, reporting, scheduling, etc. the Trello project management tool is very affordable with a price of just $ 9.99.
  • Basecamp Project Management Tool – It is one of the best real-time communication tools that make all the teams stay on the very same page. This project management application development is solely seen in its interface. The interface helps the users to create document progress, management tasks, and projects. It is a completely web-based software which allows the user to log-in, log-out, sign-in and sign-out. The feature of this tool are – calendar, to-do list, forums, issue history, track project hours, etc. the price of this excellent tool is $ 99.
  • Wrike Project Management Tool – It is an award-winning tool for online project management. It has been successful in achieving its goal that is to increase the speed and improve the efficiency of the groups. It will provide you with just one hub for all your work. It also has extra security for all your projects that do not let anyone go through it other than the ones who are authorized. Some brilliant features of Wrike are – task management, customized, recurrent tasks, Workload management, task prioritization, email integration, discussion and a lot more. The best part of Wrike is that it comes for free.

Why Choose WebInfomart?

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