As there is a rapid increase in facebook marketing and especially the facebook lead form ads it is sometimes very difficult for advertisers to manage data/leads that they get from facebook. Although, facebook readily provides the integration of its lead form with all major popular CRMs but still there are many cases in which you might need those leads to either push them into yourFacebook Leads Import Scriptcustom CRM or any other database or you want to write an custom application over it or whatever be the reason. To solve this problem, we developed a very simple, modular and easy to use Facebook Leads Export Script in PHP and giving it completely FREE to everyone.

Features of Facebook Leads Export Script

– Open Source Code & Written in PHP
– Extract leads from your facebook business page
– Show all the leads on a plain blank web page
– FREE to Use with any CRM or any kind of customised development
– You can use this data in any way you like, as send it to email or send it to SMS or send it to any CRM or Database
– Can be installed on any server within few minutes
– Developed using latest Facebook Open Graph APIs
– Very Easy to install

The Facebook Leads Export Script is ready to use. All you have to do is just signup to our newsletter and you will get the script within 24 hours at your email address.

Installation Instructions for Facebook Leads Export Script

Facebook Leads Fetcher – By WebInfoMart

# 1 – Retrieving Facebook Access Tokens
On this section we have explained how to :

– Grant an App access to manage your Facebook Pages
– Retrieve a lifetime Page Access Token
– Subscribe an App to a Page
## Before we start

Make sure

– You have already created a [Facebook Web App](
– Check to make sure that you already own a [Facebook Page](
– We must have at least PHP 5.4 or higher version installed
– You must be the Admin of that business page

## Configuring Facebook Leads Export Script

– Go to config.php in config/config.php.
– Enter the values as per your Facebook App and Facebook Page

## Executing Facebook Leads Export Script

Point your http server to

YOUR_AD_ID -> You will get to know your ad_id from your business manager account.
Each of your campaign must have an ad_id associated with it which can be easily seen in the campaign manager panel.

**Note**: This script must be installed on the same domain you’ve set for your Facebook App

If you are still confused or facing any difficulty in installing/integrating the script, don’t worry at all and feel free to email us at  Or, Simply drop a message in the comments box below.

We will install the script for you on your server for “FREE”