A payment gateway is extremely important in today’s world that is filled with new technologies and works that cannot be overlooked. A payment gateway helps to enable monetary transactions through the transfer of information between a portal of payment (for example, a website, interactive voice response service, or mobile phone) and the acquiring bank or the front end processor. Several people today make use of only the best payment gateways in India to ensure maximum safety and smooth transaction of money from one end to the other.

The Best Payment Gateways In India

If you are looking for a payment gateway for your new startup business or a small business that you already run or a brand that you work for, then it must definitely be quite difficult to find the most suitable payment gateway for the company’s e-commerce store. To help you know more about the payment gateway integration companies in India, we are listing down below (given in random order) the top 10 payment gateways from which you can find the one most suitable for the type of work that you or your company does.

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PayTM Payment Gateway

Paytm was released in India not very long ago but has been able to gain prominence and emerged as one of the best payment gateway integration help for your e-commerce store. For all small merchants in the field, Paytm is one of the easiest payment gateways in India. The prices for Domestic Debit or Credit cards on Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, RuPay is 1.99% and for international such as Amex, EzeClick, JCB and Diners is also the same (1.99%).

Cashfree Payment Gateway

This falls in the top 10 list of payment gateways in India. Cashfree is probably the only Bulk payouts and Payment gateway found in India. It also provides the merchant with the widest range of payment options, including cards (Visa, Maestro, Master, Amex, Rupay) over 70 Net-banking options, PayTm, and about 6 mobile wallets such as MobiWick, Freecharge, Airtel, etc. It also supports the use of NEFT, UPI, PAYPAL, and IMPS.

  • Cashfree payment gateway’s prices are just 1.75% per transaction which is the lower TDR charges in India. For International Credit Cards, this rate increases to 3.5% per transaction with no extra charges.

EBS Payment Gateway

Another one of the best payment gateways to be found in India, EBS or E-Billing Solutions Payment Gateway is India’s first merchant account provider to have achieved the PCI DSS 3.0 standards of compliance. It has also been certified by the security and by the process adherence, which is followed by the ISO 27001- 2013 standard. This is one of the most secure gateways in India.

The transaction fees that the charge every time is variable which depends upon the package the merchant selects.

PayPal Payment Gateway

PayPal is a global gateway that is available in more than 200 countries around the world. Millions of people around the world make use of PayPal as a trusted and worthy payment gateway for all their works, including personal and professional. Since this is an international gateway, if you are expecting orders and payments from an international customer, you will have to integrate PayPal on your e-commerce store.

The prices for PayPal for Transaction services is at 4.4% added with a US$0.30 and the currency conversion charges.

RazorPay Payment Gateway

RazorPay is one of the newest and most exciting payment gateways to be found in India. It is one of the easiest ways that a merchant in the field can find that enables him or her to accept, process and disburse the digital payments for his or her business India. All you have to do is signup on their website and your business will get simplified in no time. The Razorpay integration support now allows the user to accept payments in the form of 100 different currencies of the world using Domestic and International credit and debit cards, EMI, net banking through more than 50 banks, UPI and 8 mobile wallets.

The charges for RazorPay via the Indian credit and Debit cards net banking, UPI and other wallets is 2% per transaction and for the international cards, it is 3% per transaction.

PayU Payment Gateway

PayU Payment Gateway is an ideal payment gateway for those who are service providers, online store owner, any startup businessperson or from a growing market place. PayU payment gateway can be used by businesses of all sizes across the Indian subcontinent with minimal effort through mobile apps and online payments. PayU tries to provide the maximum security to your transaction portals to allow your personal information to be safe from the world. Make use of the pay payment gateway integration help and with easy integration with your website, make and accept payments for your business with ease.

The price of PayU is quite reasonable at 2% per transaction without any extra charges whatsoever.

CCAvenue Payment Gateway

As one of the largest payment gateways in India, CCAvenue supports a wide range of payment options, more than 200 to be approximate. CCAvenue also includes the use of 6 credit cards such as JCB, Amex, Diners Club, Mastercard, Visa, and EZeClick. It also accepts 27 major currencies, which enables you to serve global customers. The Ccavenue integration support will allow you to easily enable the payment with your e-commerce store hasslefree!

BillDesk Payment Gateway- one of the finest payment gateways in India, BillDesk is quite an easy way to concentrate all your different payments in one space. Store all your bills electronically in ways that are efficient and easy. The Billdesk integration support comes to your service completely free of cost, without giving you a run for your money.

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InstaMojo Payment Gateway

InstaMojo Payment Gateway- Instamojo Payment Gateway is one of the most used gateways in India and is It allows merchants who are new in the field to create and develop a merchant account immediately which they can use to collect different online payments easily, no matter if they have a website or not. The prices of InstaMojo are quite reasonable so that the newbies can easily afford and handle the gateway without taking any loan from anybody. Their prices are-

  • Zero Annual maintenance Charge.
  • Transaction Fee charged is Flat at the rate of 2%, along with Rs 3 per transaction

BillDesk Payment Gateway

One of the finest payment gateways in India, BillDesk is quite an easy way to concentrate all your different payments in one space. Store all your bills electronically in ways that are efficient and easy. The Billdesk integration support comes to your service completely free of cost, without giving you a run for your money.

DirectPay Payment Gateway

It is one of the fastest and most comfortable to use gateways in India. The charges given by them are- zero Annual maintenance charge and variable transaction fee apply. The transaction fees for all types are at flat 2%.

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Choose Only The Best Payment Gateways

You can now develop FinTech applications because it is comprised of new applications, processes, business models and products in the financial services. The industry is composed of one or more different financial services that are complementary and are provided as an end-to-end process via the Internet. Make use of the fin-tech product development company works because they are responsible for the various innovations in different parts of the financial service sector. All the payment gateways are a part of these innovations to make the work of finance and monetary works much easier and understandable for all. Make money transfer and business easier using these gateways today!

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