Project Kick-Off

  • Team Intro

    A self-organizing team immerses itself in understanding and exploring client's requirements to facilitate the creation of a high-end product

  • Project Analysis

    A uniquely designed, product-focused team partners with you to to convert your ideas into reality

  • Timeline Analysis

    Timeboxed sprint cycles for accurate estimates that factor into planning and prioritizationtion of tasks

  • Development Stack

    Which stack to choose to go ahead with the development. Eg. LAMP, MEAN etc.

  • Versioning Tool

    Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket etc

  • Deployment Mechanism

    DeployBot, Bamboo etc.

  • Project Management Tool

    JIRA, Basecamp etc.

Tech & Stack Selection

Ability to analyze and quickly implement changes to the initial project scope, utilizing the best inputs/outcomes from customers and empowered teams throughout the lifecycle of the project to ensure enhanced results.

Rapid Agile

  • Sprint Planning
    • Product Backlog
    • Estimate Sprint Backlog
    • Commit Task
  • Sprint Backlog
    • Assign Features
    • Time Estimates
    • Team Commitment
  • Sprint Release
    • Analyze Sprint
    • Sprint Review
    • Minimum Viable Product
  • Development

    A self-organizing team of designers, developers, testers and QAs work together to adapt and implement new feature

  • Funcional Testing

    Every iteration undergoes intensive tests run by cross-functional teams for minimizing overall risks, allowing sprints to quickly adapt to changes

  • Deployment to Staging

    Completed and tested modules are moved to the staging servers for enhanced functional tests

Task Overflow

Project Deployment

Project Live on Client's Server